Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hey Crafters.... I bet all are doing fine except for few of us who are still trying to find our lost Mojo..... But I'm sure with the new challenge all of us would not only find it but hold on to it too..... :)

Aah! It's time again to announce the creations that made it to the top & the lucky winner..... :) Before that I would like to let you all know, how different & touchy the creations were, that were put together in the honor of our dear moms....

No one can fathom the love we all have for our dear moms... They are special & would remain so till our last breath..... As we grow we have our arguments that arise 'cuz of those disagreements we have with her.... But I'm sure not a single days passes by, without us relishing the feel of her affection.....

Every single mom has done something unique to make our lives different & better for us... Though we are pissed with her, we can never stop that love & affection from haunting us time & again.... The thought of missing those good moments with her, scares the hell out of us, I'm sure..... :O

"Celebrating MOM, can not be confined to a day.... It is celebrations with every single breath we take, till we breathe last"

Every thought makes me emotional.... & I love & enjoy it...... So without any further delays, let us celebrate our creations that won ICRC2....... :)

Yeah! It is our new friend Khyati, who wins the sponsor of 2 digi images from TSB of her choice..... (Kindly checkout & mail me your choices of 2 from their shop, at & I will help you through)

And here are our ESTEEMED TOP 3 CREATIONS......

Vaishali Sabnani from Ribbons To Pastas

Piyu from Not Just Quilling

AND Jyotsna Khandpal .... from ICR ;) has made her way to the privileges of being a GUEST DESIGNER!!!!!

Kudos to ALL!!!!!

Not just them, but check out all the contributions made to the challenge at ICRC2..... Do spam them with your valuable comments.... :)

is up & running with enthu & zeal...... Do take a plunge to bathe in the immense inspirations available...... Catch You ALL around for the next..... Have Fun!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ICR CHALLENGE 3 - Photo Inspiration + Handmade Embellsihment

Hello! Hello! Here we are with another fresh challenge to help you work your thoughts & ideas..... And I'm sure you would all enjoy it as much as we did putting our inspirations together... That was a thorough tease with so many inspirations to pick up from that one photograph...... WOW!!!!

And as it is very truly said..... "Inspirations are often found at unusual places"....... Now it is your turn to find your inspiration from this pool....... From where????

From here......

As always we have a combo too..... At least one handmade embellishment on your creation...... Simple!

Kindly do not jump to conclusions as for the entry....... I repeat time & again, please read the entire post & make sure that your submission qualifies....... It makes us sad to remove your passionately made creation from the gallery, based on such silly misses & mistakes...... So please make sure of the simple rules, when you post & upload your entries both on your personal blog spaces & ICR Gallery..... Thank You!

And yes we are being sponsored by our very own Priya Venkat with a yummilicious candy...... And I bet you don't wanna miss the opportunity to own these gorgeous handmade stuffs..... :)

And here are the awesomely talented Dhin Chak inspirations for you...... :)

Anita needs no introduction as we are all aware of her & her immense talents...... And we were happy to have her as a GUEST DESIGNER for this challenge..... And here is her rich creation, inspired from the challenge pad..... :)

Announcement: I would like to make a small announcement..... From here on a project video, from start to finish, would be posted along with the challenge..... Do check them out, to be inspired...... View the PROJECT VIDEO here....... :)

I know you are all inspired & excited about this very Dhin Chak challenge.... Give us a hard time crafters with all those awesome & outstanding creations.... Let us find it impossible to choose the best this time......

I betcha!!!!

To know more in detail..... Just hop in! at The Indian Craft Room......

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Find more photos like this on Indian Craft Room


Thank You All, who participated in ICR's first Challenge..... You crafters made us all proud by pooling in your talents & letting us know how well, could the dare be, incorporated & interpreted...... :) Some of the cards made me just fall in love with those colors over & over..... WOW!

Without further ado, please join us in congratulating Snehal Welde, for being the randomly picked winner among all participants..... Congrats!!!

And here are the creations that "Color-Hued" the team...... We were enthralled by the varieties submitted based on which they made it to the top...... :)

Smita from Kreativity & Me

Priya V from Rock, Paper, Scissors!

AND Last but certainly not the least..... Anita from Crafting Forever, who has bagged the privilege of GUEST DESIGNER...... Kudos!!!!!!

Make sure you stop by their spaces & leave some love..... :D

If you are looking for more inspirations, be sure to check them all here..... All the entries deserve serious blog stalking!!!! So do check them all out!!!!

Do not forget to play with our current Challenge Mothers Day + Digi...... We are all looking for inspirations to increase the flow of creative juices in our body..... You never know, you may be the winner of the beautiful digi's from TSB...... Have FUN!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

ICR CHALLENGE 2 - Mother's Day + Digi

Hello All!!! We had just started with our ICR Challenges & already we are through with our first one....... Oh! My! Time flies!!!!!

Well here is the second..... This time the challenge was set by Tejal.... And since Mother's Day is around the corner, she thought it was time we got some projects ready for the occasion to make our MOTHERS happy..... Very thoughtful, indeed..... But of course with an additional combo, to use the DIGI's.... :)

Here are some inspirations to get you started.....

For more details on how? what? when?, do join us at ICR Challenges..... We would all love to have you play the Challenge Pad......