Monday, February 28, 2011

Secret Sweetheart Swap-Pictures

Hey Everyone, Thank you for a wonderful response for the Secret Sweetheart Swap. It was a fantastic beginning, and will only get better in the coming months. Asha and I would love to plan and organize more such events, so if you have any themes in mind, do drop in a comment. So without further ado, here are the swap cards. For the rest of the details, hop in over to the participants blog.

I am sorry to say that we did have flakers too. And it was very sad for me and Asha to sit and watch some of us not rising to the task. It was disheartnening to see that some participants received their swaps, but did not send out. Understandably, there are some events, some times that really sap out your creativity. All I'm trying to say is, if you really want to send some love, excuses will never stand in the way.

Putting all that aside, please please make sure you've thanked your swap partner for everything they've done for you.  The only reason for posting places next to the name is to see where the card traveled from and where it landed!

Shraddha (Hyderabad) sent to Asha (Banglore)
(even though technically Shraddha's wasn't Asha's SS, but there we had our first missed entry )

Asha (Banglore) sent to Mansi (Delhi)

Mansi (Delhi) sent to Jaya (Banglore)


Jaya (Banglore) sent to Karuna (Gurgaon)

Karuna (Gurgaon) sent to Mallika (Gorakhpur)

Mallika sent to Dolly/Kishley (Delhi)

Shraddha (Hyd) sent to Sudha (Delhi)

Sudha (delhi) sent to Deepti ( Banglore)

Deepti (Banglore) sent to  Priyanka (Chennai)

(Priyanka, if you can, please post a separate pic of the card itself.)

Priyanka (Chennai) sent to Tejal (Ahmedabad)

Tejal (Ahmedabad) sent to Shalini (Delhi)

Shalini (Delhi) sent Kavitha (Chennai)

Kavitha (Chennai ) sent to Ujjwal (pune)

 Ujjwal (Pune) sent to Chhavi (Delhi)

Tejal (Ahmedabad) sent to Anita (Kolkatta)

Anita( Kolkatta) sent to Rachna (Mumbai)

Rachna (Mumbai ) sent to Shraddha (Hyd)

Thats all folks. Hope more of you are inspired to join us the next time around.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Celebrating Womanhood!!!

Hello All!!!! Thanks for all those quick registrations into our new & dedicated space for Indian Stampers..... I was seriously overwhelmed by the response..... Thank You for the enthusiasm & zeal...... And that surely leads me to a thought of letting us ALL to celebrate Ourselves this WOMAN'S DAY!!!! Is it not a feeling of pride???

But before that I would also wanna let u know that, this blog space is no more private.... As all the personal info has been shifted to its new 'address', this blog goes public now with the RSS feed enabled..... :)

Going on with our event, I feel very blessed for what I am today.... The woman that I am.... blessed with the cheerfulness, the happiness, the love & ALL the passion..... {Touch Wood!!!!}

With the opening of our ICR for Indian Stampers, I am proud to announce our very First Activity of FUN & FROLIC!!!!

We are having an event to Celebrate Womanhood!!!! You ask me where? At our dedicated space for US...... The Indian Craft Room Do head towards the space & RSVP the event ASAP..... & find all the details awaiting u there.....

Once your IN, kindly change your spaces according to your likes & look around for more.... Looking forward to see you all join us in the PHUN!!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Secret Sweetheart Swap

I'm just waiting for everyone to get their cards, so that I can post the pics.  Please make sure to put a picture of the card your received. So it is easier for me to pick up the photo from your blog.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Hello Peeps.... May be I was late in putting this up.... Simply because I looked at it late.... :( I am really sorry ALL & Mallika in person..... :(

Okay let's get down to the good news!!!! :)

Our very own Miss, not so good with WORDS, has put together a 'Scope 4 Increase' giveaway for all of us..... She has really put in some time & effort to put this together..... It really makes me feel proud that I have such bundles of ENTHU & CHEERS around me..... That surely is contagious & which need not be cured too... WOW!!!!

So here is what our little Miss, has to say about her plans.....

"I will be posting this candy at two places .. one at the INDIAN STAMPERS and other on my blog wall ..

I love my Indian Crafters .. so just to increase your chances of winning ..

I want you all to link your name on Indian Stampers page as well as my blog page so that you can have double entry .

If you leave a comment on any of my projects , I will offer triple entry !

Now the yummy part

You can see these two bags . The content of bags depend on you all ..

With increase of every one follower , I will put something inside it (That will be a secret )

If I reach 250 followers , I will offer some amazing stuff from USA ! Bling ! Bling !


  • 6 patterned papers
  • 2 wonder tapes
  • 1 glue drops
  • Loads of handmade replenishment's ( will be adding more as soon as i make them )
  • 25 small NOTE On'S in vintage colors
  • 2 dozen + small and big wooden buttons
  • Loads of flowers
  • Buttons
  • A box of pearls and bold pins
  • A box of sequence
  • A blue handmade sheet
  • One big sheet of Patterned paper
  • Many strands and meters of assorted ribbons
  • Now the best one - A BAG FULL OF DIE CUTS (Courtesy - My Silhouette SD ) , It is a lot more than shown in the picture ..

Rules are simple !!

a) Follow my Blog

b) Flaunt my candy with a link to my blog on your sidebar

c) Leave a comment to let me know that you are in

PS - I am not using Mr linky ! It crashes ! :(

If you don't have a blog .. Please Email me at

Candy is open till 20th March !"

Well You All heard her.... Is It Not????? SO then what are u waiting for???? Lets get down to what has to be done in order to claim a chance to win this luck....... :D

Get the comments coming in, so that we give her a surprise of her life.... :O

Wishes & Hugs))))

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthdays and Anniversaries

I have just created a word document mentioning everyone's birthday and anniversaries. It goes by month so easy for everyone to remember.
Click hereto download and save.

Let me know if there are any errors.