Monday, February 28, 2011

Secret Sweetheart Swap-Pictures

Hey Everyone, Thank you for a wonderful response for the Secret Sweetheart Swap. It was a fantastic beginning, and will only get better in the coming months. Asha and I would love to plan and organize more such events, so if you have any themes in mind, do drop in a comment. So without further ado, here are the swap cards. For the rest of the details, hop in over to the participants blog.

I am sorry to say that we did have flakers too. And it was very sad for me and Asha to sit and watch some of us not rising to the task. It was disheartnening to see that some participants received their swaps, but did not send out. Understandably, there are some events, some times that really sap out your creativity. All I'm trying to say is, if you really want to send some love, excuses will never stand in the way.

Putting all that aside, please please make sure you've thanked your swap partner for everything they've done for you.  The only reason for posting places next to the name is to see where the card traveled from and where it landed!

Shraddha (Hyderabad) sent to Asha (Banglore)
(even though technically Shraddha's wasn't Asha's SS, but there we had our first missed entry )

Asha (Banglore) sent to Mansi (Delhi)

Mansi (Delhi) sent to Jaya (Banglore)


Jaya (Banglore) sent to Karuna (Gurgaon)

Karuna (Gurgaon) sent to Mallika (Gorakhpur)

Mallika sent to Dolly/Kishley (Delhi)

Shraddha (Hyd) sent to Sudha (Delhi)

Sudha (delhi) sent to Deepti ( Banglore)

Deepti (Banglore) sent to  Priyanka (Chennai)

(Priyanka, if you can, please post a separate pic of the card itself.)

Priyanka (Chennai) sent to Tejal (Ahmedabad)

Tejal (Ahmedabad) sent to Shalini (Delhi)

Shalini (Delhi) sent Kavitha (Chennai)

Kavitha (Chennai ) sent to Ujjwal (pune)

 Ujjwal (Pune) sent to Chhavi (Delhi)

Tejal (Ahmedabad) sent to Anita (Kolkatta)

Anita( Kolkatta) sent to Rachna (Mumbai)

Rachna (Mumbai ) sent to Shraddha (Hyd)

Thats all folks. Hope more of you are inspired to join us the next time around.


  1. Brilliantly compiled... I must admit!!!! & Kudos to you for all that work..... I know, there were misses, but the one's nailed really ROCKED the show!!!! Kudos to One & All for all that passion displayed..... Give yourselves a pat & Hug from my behalf..... :D

    Ash.... :)

  2. I have made a post about the package I recived from Rachana..sorry for being so late!

  3. Hugs and a big big pat to the 2 of u for putting up such a brilliant thing together and making it such a grand success!!!

  4. Lovely gesture to bring a bunch of crafters together and closer! :) Looking out for more exciting such events and hope to be part of the fun next time around! :) Great work girls!

  5. Superb!! :) Kudos to you all :)

  6. posted the pic on my blog, here's the direct link to the pic -

  7. Lovely. But my goodies sent to Mallika are missing :(

  8. I love that TRAIL showcased with ease.... Looks Gorgeous & makes me feel proud... Hugs to you Tejal for all that efforts put in... :D