Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey peeps! This is a very short & sweet post about few stores we have online for our help & rescue..... I know it had been difficult all these years for us to avail those basic, yummy, lip smacking crafty stuffs, that the entire world had been flaunting & teasing us with..... All that we could depend on, were few sweet souls all around the world who sponsored some RAKs from time to time...... :D I thank them all personally who have helped all of us get a taste of those sumptuous stuffs, till now & in future too......

But to be able to shop & choose our stuffs, ourselves, is totally a different feeling, all by itself..... Thanks to all those sweethearts here in India, who have initiated this process......

An insight to few such people, dealing with crafty stuffs for us, has been updated at ICR (Buy/Sell/Trade)..... Do show yourselves IN, to take a peek!!!!

NOTE : YAY!!! Peeps it is the much awaited day of the year..... Day to celebrate the spirit of womanhood...... Happy Woman's Day to One & ALL!!!! Do drop in at the ICR EVENT, to learn about a surprise....... :D

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  1. Hello ladies and my crafty sistas !! I am naush. I am Indian but Dubai has been home for decades upon decades. So glad to see that someone has taken the initiative to get most of the indian ladies together to share a more personal experience in crafting in India. Earlier, I would screen thru most of the challenges looking out for familiar Indian names to communicate with, but this site has opened up a huge door of talent in our ladies. I hope to get to know most of you'll and perhaps even make some friends along the way.
    Please feel free to visit me at