Sunday, March 27, 2011


We are up with our future plans for ICR..... And one of it is the Monthly Swap of Crafty Goodness..... ICR Swop Circle! We can share some of our goodness with our fellow crafters & in turn receive the same with a tinge of freshness added to our Crafty Stash..... All with no additional shopping, but from our own stash..... :)

The swop kick starts with our very first SWAP!


Look into your stash & pull out the lengths, that you would send your partners way.....

No time to lose here, what so ever..... (time constraints) Yeah! Drop in at ICR to check out all the Pros & Cons, pertaining to this swap..... ENJOY!!!!!

NOTE: I hope you remember about the ICR EVENT (Celebrating Womanhood) .... Just 4 days left for it to conclude.... Crafters who wanted to participate & have not till date, now is the TIME... So HURRY!!!!!


  1. hey this sounds amazing!! how do i become a part of this group

  2. Hi, I also want to be part of this group but I am still not able to find the correct option. Can you help me?

    Thanks and Regards

    Aditya Gupta