Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello Crafters...... I'm here with this quick post as I had to announce our lucky winner to the very first ICR Event, which was Celebrating Womanhood.....

But before that I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of ICR, to thank all those who contributed to the EVENT to give it a roll...... THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! I appreciate the zeal with which you thought the EVENT was worth the attempt :) Do take some time & appreciate them for their amazing preps..... Here below is a glimpse to their work..... :)

There are things planned & lined up for ICR & would be announced very soon.....

Without further delay, here is our winner of a surprise RAK for 'CELEBRATING herself'.... Our very sweet Shalini Aggarwal..... Kudos to you sweetie & thanks again for the contribution.....

The result made its way through our old school 'Random.Org' (hand picked by my hubby from the bowl of names in it) Thanks to him for that contribution... :P

I know it is all celebrations around us for India Winning its Dream.... So here is one more reason added to Shalini's party & celebrations..... :D

Thanking One & All!!!! ENJOY!!!!


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