Friday, April 13, 2012

ISICR4 - Fourth Month SCRAPPING!!!

***** Kindly Read the entire post carefully to be fully aware of the rules to play… Simple yet important *****

Hello Indian Scrappers!!!

A Warm WELCOME back to you ALL for our new month's layout!

We are off to another month of awesome layouts! 

Here is the CHALLENGE PAD with a SKETCH to guide you through..... Especially for the beginners.....

I'm excited to be able to put together the layout for the month of favorite month of the year!  I hope you have as much fun as I did, with this challenge.

The SKETCH provided is optional..... It is up to you to follow it or not..... Has been provided just to guide the beginners, to get them started.....

But as said the DARE is CONDITIONAL..... The Layout (LO) you make for ISICR4 should include 3-D......Add DIMENSION of some kind to your pages...

  1. Make one sheet {ONE LAYOUT (LO)} per month
  2. So that ADDS up to TWELVE (12) LO’s per YEAR, which COMPLETES YOUR ALBUM
  3. A SKETCH would also be posted to guide you through…. {which is optional}along with a DARE TO FOLLOW, which is CONDITIONAL!
  4. When you have COMPLETED the LO (PAGE) for the month (deadline), take a picture of the same & upload it to the ICR GALLERY with respective TAG NAME! {ISICR4}
  5. Sheet can be decked either FRONT X BACK or Right Side photo X Wrong Side Journaling or anything you choose…..
  6. End of the YEAR, you would have ONE COMPLETE ALBUM, with 12 pages! So now you have your OWN ALBUM… :D
  7. Picture the ALBUM & upload it to the ICR GALLERY, with respective TAG NAME…. {ISICR4}
  8. ONE RANDOM ALBUM would win the 2012 YEARLY CONTEST! {with a sumptuous PRIZE of course!}
  9. Since it is ICR’s FIRST, Size & theme is FREE to be adapted to ONES WILL!
  10. ICR emphasizes on SCRAPS literally…. Nothing expensive & complicated….SAVE YOUR TRASH/JUNK & get creative in UPCYCLING/RECYCLING them… BEST OUT OF WASTE!!!
  11. ANY QUERIES of any nature have to be addressed prior to the BEGINNING of the CONTEST… {Ignorance of any SORTS will not entertained later}

I'm having a fantastic time working with ICR as the "SCRAPPY DESIGNER" through the YEAR LONG SCRAPINDIA FEST {2012} :)

Here is my inspiration for the month of APRIL.  This is from a trip to the island of Aruba!  I hope you have a great time putting together your April layouts!

Asha will be posting up her creation shortly :)


  1. Scrappers who enrolled for the year are expected to stay committed......
  2. DO NOT TAKE ICR FOR GRANTED!!! All the efforts behind this are, to make a MARK & to pave way to our FUTURE GENERATIONS…
  3. Any LO scrapped prior to the posting of the SKETCH/DARE will not be eligible for the CONTEST.
  4. Any layouts without RESPECTIVE TAG NAMES or DARES, will be deleted from the photo gallery
  5. Please upload ONLY ONE picture of your layout. {You may post multiple pix on your own blog, and provide your site URL in the 'description' for all those wonderful detailed shots!}
  7. Stick to DEADLINES!

DEADLINE TO submit your SECOND LO for the month of APRIL{2012} is Monday, April 30th 2012@ Midnight!

Happy Scrapping & Have Fun!!!!



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