Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I would like to thank every one of you, who accepted my invitation... That was such a relief & a wonderful feeling of being trusted..... My joy knew no bounds, with the spontaneous reactions that I received...... It literally moved me... I thank everyone of you, who felt we could take it from here.... :)

Thank You

First things first..... We being members here, we pledge to DEFEND THE TRUST of one another..... In no way we would jeopardize any of our fellow stampers & their trust.... :) If You Agree, I want you All to say "I STAMP" in your comments..... We would respect this small secret society of ours..... :)

Second..... Be a follower in order to be fed with the happenings here.... That way I guess we can all be on the same page..... :)

Well now to go on with our activities, I had a thought in my mind, which I even discussed with one of our fellow stampers, Tejal, to hold an interesting activity, this Valentine's Day..... :0)

We would have a 'Secret Sweetheart' event..... !

Members party to this event, would be given name of the recipient, who they would be a secret sweetheart to..... And all you need to do is send some love to your recipient by mail.... The contents can be anything from a single card to some additional &/or optional supplies of any kind.....

Once the final entries are IN, I will email you your respective recipients....

The 'Sweetheart Packet' should be mailed by the 8th of February, which is a Tuesday, because there is a Sat & Sunday in between.....

I wanted to know as to who would wanna be a part of this activity.... Anybody willing kindly say that in your comment..... & I will consider them IN!

So when you comment here on this post, I want you to do the following:

  • Say "I STAMP" to abide by the basic rule of this group
  • Be a FOLLOWER if you are not already
  • Announce your entry to this event.


That is it for now.... Just make yourself comfortable here... & any questions just shoot me a mail.... :)



  1. Congratulations for this great idea. I always thought of this kind of community/group in India too but couldn't find a way to start n I m happy that one of our blogger friends has started this kind of group where we can interact with lots of creative people in India as well as in abroad too.

    This effort will give an individuality to cardmaking,stamping n crafting in India. Congratulate u again for this great effort.

    Count me in. I also send my sweetheart packet, which I send u before the final date of submission.

    Thanks n Regards

  2. I STAMP!
    Count me in girl..will find time to send a card..or something for someone!

  3. congrats !
    this is such a wonderful idea !
    I STAMP !
    and I am in !

  4. I STAMP!!

    Lovely idea!!
    I am IN!! :D

  5. I Stamp And I want to be in... really sorry for late entry.. i was out of station...

  6. I stamp! :)
    Love the idea.. think i am too late? :(
    How come I didnt get this email! :))

    Anyways - awesome awesome idea girl :)

  7. I sent my package today.... Sorry for being delayed by 2 days..... Just did not seem to be satisfied with what I saw in the package.... ;) I really hope it reaches my sweetheart on time & INTACT!!!! Lots of Love.... :)

  8. Awww missed this one ..anyways i am sure there will be more such occassions..I STAMP

  9. Thank u Snehal & Welcome Aboard..... Hugs))))

  10. I missed it too.. :( sob sob...
    But m sure thrz much more to cum...its a pleasure to b a part of dis group...m lovin it already !!
    Way to go Asha.. !!

  11. I missed it too.. hope we have such events again.. Great work Asha!! I STAMP

  12. Thank U dearies.... But now it is for all of US to make it a success.... :)

  13. I stamp and I am feeling really bad I couldn't be part of the secret sweethearts initiative :-( Maybe some other time!!

    Thanks for this amazing forum, Ash.