Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello Indian Stampers!!!!!

A Warm Welcome to You All..... Well, You would be wondering "What about this space?".... I would let u know..... :)

It is based on few groups in the US & many more places abroad, where stampers not only know each other but do interact too.... I thought it would be awesome if all Indian Stampers could meet under a roof..... Since we are scattered all over the place, I thought it would be best for some medium that could bring us together.... While I pondered over the thought, I planned this space, such that we (ALL INDIAN STAMPERS) could keep it a private issue..... We be part of this & spread some cheers!!!!

Anything related to Crafts..... Eg., Card Making, Stamping, Scrap booking etc.,

We can use this group to send cards & RAKs, to one another.... So we can all expect surprises our way, without any prior notice...... :O

As said above, we will keep it PRIVATE! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
which would make it safe for us to share our addresses & such.... Where we can keep a track of the Addresses, Birthdays & Anniversaries.... In the process, if anybody felt the urge to share some love to one another, we could do that without any hassles.... What Say????

But obvious, I would not be able to do it all myself.... Hence looking forward to you Indian Stampers to be a part of this Convention.... Hoping to build this community such that it helps even those Stampers in India, who has a fancy to it, but did not dare to indulge..... :(

Love & Hugs))))

We being members here, we pledge to DEFEND THE TRUST of one another..... In no way we would jeopardize any of our fellow stampers & their trust.... :) If You Agree, I want you All to say "I STAMP" in your comments..... We would respect this small secret society of ours..... :)