Saturday, June 4, 2011


Dear Crafters!!!

I was totally amazed to see all the Dhin Chak! creations that made it as submissions..... WOW!!!! And I feel proud to see & learn, that many crafters have made an attempt to move from their comfort zones..... They have come up with some outstanding projects making ICR very proud of the potentials it has...... Kudos to all!!!!

(Do give a pat on your back....... :D)

As expected by me, you crafters made it difficult for us to make our choices, in the run for TOP 3...... Took us a lot of email exchanges, serious thoughts & many other things to come up with the toppers!!!! I am overwhelmed though..... :)

So without any further delays, here is the Winner for you for ICRC3!!!!! And I expect a big round of applause to our sweetheart who sponsored this challenge...... Priya Venkat!!!!!

And our lucky winner is.....

Our dear Neha Jain, who participated in the challenge for the first time & stood to win it too..... Surely, Lucky!!!!! God Bless!!!! Celebrations!!!

And here is unveiling our Esteemed Top 3 Creations!!!!

Suganthi Mohan with those Dhin Chak colors & quilling......

Dr. Sonia S. V. with totally a unique approach to the photo inspiration.....

AND........ I'm sure you all wanna know our Guest Designer!!!!

Needs no introduction..... Our dear Piyu!!!! Yes, Priyadarshini Deshpande!!!!

Certainly does not mean that the rest were not good dearies..... I'm sure you all are aware of the efforts that we put in to give the best, behind scenes....... :)

Do check out all the amazing DHIN CHAK! creations at the ICRC3 Gallery!!!!

And do leave some love on all the creations to keep us all motivated to go further & better ourselves.... :) We all need love at some point or the other.... So when I want, the other person wants it too...... Remember that!!!!

This space came into existence to help Indian Crafters to bring out the best in them...... And I'm sure you will help me achieve this some day!!!!

Keep your spirits high without losing your mojo & go on create something better to beat your own last creation...... For ICRC4!!!! Make & take a Splash!!!!

You would make it to the top too..... But Yes!!!! Never forget to abide by the simple rules to the challenge..... I feel sad to let my favorite creations go without being counted......

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  1. Thank You ICR. My first participation in ICR and also the first time I took part in any challenge seriously and it was a last minute job too [my nature!]. I am delighted to be in the top 3 as it is a big morale boost! I take this opportunity to thank all those behind the hard work behind ICR