Saturday, June 18, 2011


This post finally announces the conclusion of the Color Splash!!!!

What an overwhelming response has it been!!!! We thank u ALL for contributing such amazing stuffs & making it a very strenuous affair at the back end, for us..... :O

Firstly, do (APPLAUD) Snehal for sponsoring such an amazing CANDY for us.... Thank You so so much sweets!!!! We did understand the apprehensions of both the sponsor as well as the participants.....

And next to our lucky dame, who is the Winner for ICRC4!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Hussena!!!! Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!!!!

NOTE : Just to keep you informed about the procedure for the winner...... Depends on the number of participants in the respective album...... :D

And here is unveiling our Esteemed Top 3 Creations!!!!

Our What?????? Phew!!!! No Top 3 this time, with all the reasoning, counter reasoning & anxiety.... :D

To carry on with what had to be done, we settled with a dilemma of 5 CREATIONS!!!!

Here are the Dilemmatic Toppers!!!!

{In No Particular Oder}

Ujjwal Gupta - With clean lines on her creation....

Pooja Parate - With her beautiful card.....

Khushboo Rathi - with her elegant silhouette commanding attention....

Manasa Bhatt - with her lovely splash of Tiffany Blue flutter.....

And our new Guest Designer!!!!

Erum - with the Gorgeous & perfect creation for the Color Splash!!!! Thank you so much for creating those visual treats with a different approach that ignites the creativity in others too..... :)

But that is not ALL....... As mentioned above, it was a head scratching decision to take, amidst fabulous creations.... Hence do check out the submissions made by ALL, in the album ICRC4!!!!

Bring on the RAINS!!!!
for our next chilling challenge...... Which is to INTERPRET the WORD RAIN + Combo Twist DECORATE THE INSIDE of the CARD OR AN ENVELOPE!!!!
To help you with an idea, do check the inspirations accompanied by a VIDEO of a PROJECT!!!

P.S. - You would make it to the top too..... But Yes!!!! Never forget to abide by the simple rules to the challenge..... I feel sad, to let good creations go without being counted......

Let the RAINS flood!!!!


  1. Top 5.. OMG.. wow... I am shocked...!!

  2. wow really i won thanks a lot to all the icr team and snehal for sponsoring the award .

  3. Congrats to all the winners. It is so nice that you guys chose 5 winners this time!

  4. ✿•˚。
    ° 。✿ °° 。
    Olá, amiga!
    Já faz um tempão que não apareço aqui.
    Seu trabalho melhora a cada dia, está mais elaborado.
    Bom domingo!
    Aguardo sua visita no meu blog.
    ° 。✿ °° 。